Webinar #1

“Multiple Dimensions of Groundwater Governance: What We Are Doing and What More Can We Do?”


Date: 17 October 2013, 15:00-16:30 CET

Speakers: Lucilla Minelli (UNESCO-IHP), Kirstin Conti (IGRAC), Andrea Merla (International Expert)

IW:LEARN Groundwater Community of Practice and Global Groundwater Forum by Lucilla Minelli and Kirstin Conti
Overview of GEF investments on groundwater; overview of the current groundwater portfolio; opportunities for the next GEF strategy and replenishment; Presentation of the Global Project Groundwater Governance and the elaboration of a Framework for Action, role of the Permanent Consultation Mechanism (PCM) by Andrea Merla
Moderation of Q&A by Kirstin Conti
Closing to describe how the CoP will continue, future webinars/initiatives, etc. by Lucilla Minelli

Discussion Questions:
1. There is a recognised need to promote conjunctive surface and groundwater management: should GEF IW assist countries in this, and if so, how would this fit with the mandate of IW and its Strategy? Is there a case to be made that all aquifers in a transboundary basin are to be considered "international" according to GEF definition of this term?
2. There is a need to make aquifers "visible" to decision makers and stakeholders if we want to manage them. How can this be done? How can GEF support this basic need?
3. Hydrogeological data and monitoring results should be stored in a neutral repository: can this be done by Geological Surveys? or a River Basin Organisation? Could GEF support/pilot the strengthening of a Geological Survey/Basin Organisation to take over this important role in a GEF client country(ies)?


Andrea Merla                                                                             Lucilla Minelli

Recorded Video of the Session:

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