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Groundwater in the MENARID Portfolio

Within this framework, the third phase of IW:LEARN (2011 – 2014) has foreseen a regional sub-component “Support to MENARID Integrated Land/Groundwater Management” whose objective is to improve effectiveness in combating land degradation in MENARID by enhancing the role of groundwater and improving subsurface space management.

Due to its leading position in groundwater research and expertise, UNESCO’s International Hydrological Programme (IHP) was entrusted with the coordination of this sub-component. UNESCO-IHP builds on its projects and networks of specialists, including UNESCO water related centres and chairs around the world, to provide assistance and expertise to the GEF MENARID multi-focal area projects by creating dialogue on the role of groundwater in land management and agricultural production. This includes sharing of knowledge and best practices on groundwater management techniques in arid and semi-arid zones, in order to promote integrated land and groundwater management practices and solutions aimed at increasing the effectiveness of soil conservation efforts and more generally of land degradation and mitigation initiatives. These techniques include aquifer recharge management, water harvesting, notions of groundwater economics and governance, and the enhancement of traditional knowledge, in MENA countries. This regional component involves the organization of a series of learning workshops on different aspects of groundwater management for GEF MENARID Project Managers and M&E Officers. These workshops are organized by UNESCO-IHP in cooperation with ICARDA and other partners.

The MENARID Portfolio

  1. MENARID Cross-cutting Medium Size Project on Monitoring and Evaluation and Knowledge Management for Integrated Natural Resources Management

  2. MENARID (Algeria) Conservation of Globally Significant Biodiversity and Sustainable Use of Ecosystem Services in Algeria’s Cultural Parks

  3. MENARID (Iran) Institutional Strengthening and Coherence for Integrated Natural Resources Management

  4. MENARID (Jordan) Mainstreaming Sustainable Land and Water Management Practices

  5. MENARID (Morocco) Participatory Control of Desertification and Poverty Reduction in the Arid and Semi Arid High Plateau Ecosystems of Eastern Morocco

  6. MENARID (Morocco) A circular Economy Approach to Agro-biodiversity Conservation in the Souss Mass Draa region of Morocco

  7. MENARID (Regional) Reducing risks to the sustainable management of the NorthWest Sahara Aquifer System (NWSAS)

  8. MENARID (Tunisia) Support to Sustainable Land Management in the Siliana Governorate

  9. MENARID (Tunisia) Second Natural Resources Management Project - Land and Water Optimization

10. MENARID (Tunisia) Ecotourism and Conservation of Desert Biodiversity

11. MENARID (Yemen) Adaptation to climate change using agro-biodiversity resources in the rainfed highlands

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