Pretashkent Aquifer

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Pretashkent aquifer represents the artesian basin, the structure of which includes several aquifers and complexes separating their by aquitards.
Pretashkent aquifer is located on the territory of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.
The smaller south-eastern part of the aquifer is located in the Tashkent province of Uzbekistan, and the bigger, the north-west part in the Chymkent province of Kazakhstan. The study area is highly populated, especially on the Uzbek part.
By geomorphology, the area is divided into three zones: mountain zone, foothills and valleys. As a transition zone between the foothill zone and the valley, Pretashkent steppes form buffer zone between the foothill zone and the valley. The climate of the study area is sharp continental, dry.
The study and  monitoring aimed at the sustainable joint utilization of groundwater resources is an very important factor since the Pretashkent artesian aquifer in the main source  of fresh and mineral water in the region.



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