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Implementation Phase: Activities May 2014 - October 2014

Impl. phase image 1The activities started with a National Seminar on Water Resources, held in Guatemala in July 2014 and attended by more than 120 mayors and government officials.

Since any bilateral or multilateral dialogue has to be based on scientific information, this phase was devoted to identify sources of data and to compile all available information about groundwater on the Trifinio area.

At the same time, the project’s objectives, work methodology and expected results and indicators were shared with stakeholders in the three countries. At Plan Trifinio level, this includes the tri-national executive and technical bodies, countries representatives and a tri-national inter-institutional group of researchers.


Main results of this phase

  • Hydrogeology component: The experts of the three countries agree that more extensive studies are needed to characterize the aquifer, such as geoelectrical surveys, hydrochemical analyses, tests of aquifer vulnerability, monitoring of piezometric levels and pumping tests.
  • GIS component: The system design of a GIS proposal duly integrated, classified, prioritized and geo-referenced in accordance with existing and available information in the Trifinio Plan was approved by the Trinational Commission of the Plan Trifinio. Information was catalogued by overarching themes, themes and subthemes, each with its respective numerical code. Hardware and software specifications were defined in order to ensure a future connection with the global GGRETA IMS.
  • Gender component: There is no institutional policy on the theme at the level of the Plan Trifinio. The work of women is recognized in the different projects, but there are no records, statistics, indicators or evidence reflecting the role women play in the different activities and most projects do not have a formal gender component. A proposal, including concepts and applications of a gender approach, was prepared in order to include a gender component in all Trifinio projects. Since some Women Offices at municipal level are very active, joint activities have been organized to raise awareness on women’s role regarding water issues.


The main conclusion of this phase is that information gathered in the zone appears as indicating the existence of several aquifers (a multi-aquifer formation), and also that all elements of the complex system are not shared by the three countries. This calls for more specific studies, especially geoelectrical surveys, in order to define the correct delineation of of the Trifinio aquifer system.


National Seminar

A 'National Seminar on Water Resources' was held in Guatemala, in La Antigua Guatemala on the 2nd of July 2014. For more information about this seminar, including presentations, please click on the button below.

National Seminar1


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