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Follow up mission August 2014

Stampriet 2An UNESCO-IHP mission was organized to the Botswana, Namibia and South Africa from 5 to 15 August 2014 aiming at:

  • Reviewing data collected and processed since the Second Technical Regional Meeting (May 2014) by the three National Technical Transboundary Groups (NTTGs) engaged in the project.
  • Disucssing harmonization and analysis of data across the three countries,
  • Carrying out consultations with government authorities.


The mission was organized in political and technical meetings in each of the three countries involved in the project. Political meetings aimed at updating government representatives from the relevant countries’ groundwater institutions (e.g. Departments of Water Affairs) about project progress and carry out consultation with government representatives to update on the next activities the main purpose. Technical meetings aimed at reviewing and discussing data technical aspects with the NTTGs involved in the project in accordance to the project methodology.

A field visit to the Namibian portion of the Stampriet aquifer including visits to production and monitoring boreholes and irrigation farms was also undertaken.

Click here to download the Mission Report.